Your devices need a USB flash drive or SD card.

You also want 5000+ local musics.

Well, nowyou only need a USB flash drive and SD card with musics!

Partial Music Playing


Our Products

Our music resources

  • 5000+ High-quality Songs –  Each USB flash drive and SD card contains 5000+ high-quality .mp3 English songs.
  • Multiple Song lists – 2024 Ranking Songs, Popular Songs, Classic Songs, Car DJ Songs, and more.
  • Song library updated monthly – Comes with a network disk address, and the song library is updated every month!

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Music usage scenarios

  • Music USB Drive – Use it in cars, PCs, and USB-enabled playback devices.It’s easy to carry with a keychain.
  • Music SD Card – Use it in mobile phones, portable players, and playback devices that support SD cards. It can also be used as a USB flash drive with a card reader.

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When you don’t need musics?

  • Transfer to other devices – This is a storage containing music resources. You can transfer music resources to other devices.
  • Ordinary USB flash drives and SD Card – after deleting the data, you can use it on all devices that support USB flash drives or SD cards.